Powerlifting advice

As someone who is a keen, albeit average, powerlifter, I’ve always found it tricky to choose a program or method that didn’t negatively impact on my actual life: fun, work and relationships. Hopefully my experiences can help you to become stronger, healthier and happier, whilst still drinking too much every weekend!


I grew up idolising guys like Arnie (who didn’t) and wanted to have that physique and aura. Admittedly I was ‘slightly’ naive to steroids in the fitness industry, but I still think weirdly massive physiques are great. But so is beer. I like beer. And chips. So although I am still intrigued and impressed by bodybuilding, powerlifting’s ‘no dieting required’ is the clear winner for me!

Leading a normal life

I already said I like beer. And chips. I did miss out my incredibly sweet tooth but probably not so relevant in a bodybuilding post. But beer and chips are. Lift more, have more food (and beer) and enjoy your life. There’s more to it than trying to look good. Remember beer? And chips? God I forgot burgers…