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Summer Programming

I’ve been concentrating on powerlifting for some time now and as much as I like it – long rest periods, lower repetitions, higher wandering around time – it’s certainly not the most conducive sport to make you look and feel the best. Plus Summertime = less clothes.

In lieu of that I think it’s time to revisit a little more bodybuilding style training: increasing repetitions and focusing more on individual muscle groups. I’m currently running a 10-12 week programme similar to Stan Efferding’s 20 rep training scheme: The Rhino’s 20 Rep Training. I’m sure it’ll be horrible. As far as my weekly breakdown goes it will look something like this:

Monday: Shoulders | Back | HIIT

Tuesday: Legs | Chest | Arms

Wednesday: Rest [Bike Ride or Run]

Thursday: Squat | Deadlift | Back [Attempting to keep my strength up here]

Friday: Rest

Saturday / Sunday: Shoulders | Chest | HIIT [I usually play football or go for a cycle too]

You don’t have to burn out at 20 reps on set 1, but by set 3 onwards you may need to take a few deep breaths and recover after 12-15 reps or so. I usually do around 8 -10 sets of 20 reps for each muscle group. So Monday would look something like:

  • 4-5 sets of Shoulder Press
  • 4-5 sets of Lateral Raises
  • 4-5 sets of Bent-Over Rows
  • 4-5 sets of Lat Pull-Downs
  • Plus HIIT Training [I usually do boxing or circuits, battle ropes and skipping]

I still try to focus on compound movements and want to be done in an hour and 10 minutes at the very most. Get in; Pain; Get out! My personal formula.

Peace x


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