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Clif Bars

So the legend has it that Clif bars were started when the founder was on a bike ride, took a bite of an energy bar and knew he could make a better one. In fairness the majority of energy bars on the market taste like cardboard with fungus. Clif bars do not. They have a lovely variety of flavours, bars and chews. Vegan too! (I’m not vegan): Shop for Clif Bars here

Another company with a back story, ethics and a desire to not bankroll roid-heads or social media ‘gurus.’ This makes me a fan. I am sure this is because their initial focus was around endurance athletes / exercise and not steroid.-abusing morons, but as you’ll see in my post around Pulsin Bars, I love an ethos. And packaging. Obviously.

Taste: 7.5/10. Very tricky to judge as they have a variety of products. The standard Clif Bar tastes like a healthy homebaked cookie made the day before. Oats, chocolate chips, peanuts, dried fruit. As you’ll know I’m also a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate chips; regardless of cookie-age. As protein bars go their Builders Protein Bar is pretty moist too which is a rarity!

Packaging (yes it matters): 7.5/10. You can’t knock Clif. Looks as it tastes actually. Hearty, slightly indulgent but something you could take home to your mother. Or father. Or both. Your choice.

Macros (Clif Bars): 4/10. This is very dependent as the Clif Bar itself is high in carbohydrates (55 + grams / 100) and sugar (30 grams / 100). But it was designed to be an intra-exercise bar. Around 15 grams of protein / 100 with fairly minimal fat, so calorie wise it’s only c. 375 / 100 grams. So not the ideal IIFYM snack if that’s your diet.

Macros (Clif Builders Protein Bar): 6/10. Higher protein c. 30 grams / 100, alongside slightly lower carbohydrate (c. 44 grams / 100), similar quantities of sugar and slightly higher fats. So slightly more filling and IIFYM friendly IMO.

Ingredients: 8/10. Rolled oats, vegan protein sources, rice syrups, (vegan) chocolate chips, natural flavourings. Again, very little to complain about. I am FAR too good to you all.

Price: 7/10. The Builders Protein bar tends to be more expensive, around the £2.50 mark whereas you can pick up the Clif Bar for around £1.50-70. Again when they go on sale I usually stockpile them until I hate eating them, but do whatever you want with your £!

Total: 35/50. I took an average mark for their macros so you don’t have to (honestly you don’t deserve me). A solid 70% for Clif. He’d be proud I’m sure!

Peace x


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