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Pulsin Bars

The holy grail of energy bars / protein bars. Vegan, gluten-free, soya-free, non-GM… I am none of these things, but don’t be put off, they’re wonderful. I like their list of values on their ‘About’ page and frankly I’d rather spend my money on products from companies who have an ethos and are keen to not bankroll roid-abusing melts: Pulsin

I once bought 50 for myself and my girlfriend off amazon: Amazon’s Pulsin Multipack (Thank me later). In hindsight that was a bit much and we didn’t have any for a while afterwards, but they’re still top snacking. I have put together a definitive list of everything that makes energy bars great. Given about 10% of my salary goes on this stuff, I’m your guru for this:

Taste: 9/10. It tastes clean. By that I mean it doesn’t taste at all synthetic like so many of these bars. I’m all about the orange chocolate chip, vanilla chocolate chip and the peanut  chocolate chip, which is a raw chocolate brownie. (Clearly there’s a theme here… God I’m disgusting).

Packaging (yes it matters): 8/10. Looks great, very crisp and stands out from the crowd. They’re actually launching a new theme soon which is devastating, but huge fan of their simplicity.

Macros: 7.5/10. The protein snacks are around 215 calories, have between 12-15 grams of protein per 50g, alongside 8-12 grams of fat and c. 15 grams of carbohydrates (only around 6 of which is sugar). The raw brownie versions are very similar calorie wise, with slightly higher carbohydrate and sugar content alongside a lower protein content. So slightly less macro-friendly, but still very tasty!

Ingredients: 9/10. All natural vibes. Nuts, dates, essential oils (which are seriously great in the orange and mint versions), (vegan) chocolate chips, pea protein, rice protein, cacao butter, cacao powder… Really nothing to complain about here.

Price: 6.5/10. Somewhere between £1.40-£1.80 for a single bar or nearer £1 for a multipack version. I usually grab them on deal at Whole Foods (I love you Whole Foods) or other supermarkets (I love you supermarkets).

Overall: 40/50

If you’re about that vegan living, healthy life; or are a sucker for nice packaging like myself, these are for you! Pulsin; sponsor me, please. Honestly, I’ll do whatever you need!


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