Healthy body, healthy mind!

My hopes for this platform

In a rare moment (Christ I hope it’s a rare moment) of unemployment, I wanted to document my training experiences and offer you some guidance on where to start with powerlifting, strength training and actually enjoying your life.

As a fat child who used to eat the entirety of the dough out of freshly baked white loaves, daily exercise and sensible eating seemed a long way off. Although ‘normal’ eating was still some distance away, I have finally reached a stage where I’m reasonably happy with who I am and how I look.

I’ve been through every diet and training method I can think of at some stage for various reasons and I am a firm believer in enjoying your life whilst still trying to push yourselves physically. I enjoyed bodybuilding for a time, but the constant dieting and being scared of calories pushed me over the edge. I have a lot to thank the flexible dieting / IIFYM approach and knowledge based nutritional information from people like Layne Norton (Clean Eating vs. IIFYM) who have helped me become (almost) normal with food.

Powerlifting came with this. Food = fuel. If you’re lifting heavy weights and leading a reasonably active lifestyle, then eat! I’m such an advocate of healthy body healthy mind, especially if you’re sitting in an office chair staring at a screen all day. Deadlift, bench and squat your way to (personal) greatness!

Peace x


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